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I Love Snail Mail


Ernie the Envie!

What I made for the 100,000 swap on swapbot.

He’s so cute. I hope he is loved.

An old creation of mine for swapbot. I miss him. 

International first class letters and postcards are $1.15?! wow. 
I remember when it was only $.96. So sad. 


Mail is ready to go! #snailmail #penpals #postcards

Finally got stamps. Some of the mail that is ready to go.


Catching up on mail 😊📫✉️#penpals #coolcats #ilikecats #snailmail #letters #coolstationary #meow #stationary #rainbowcats #lisafrank

It’s begun!

There’s a pile of letters and postcards on my desk in which I never got to. Most are over a year old and I feel really bad for abandoning my penpals like that.
I’ll be sending postcards out to all my penpals who I have received a letter or postcard within the last 12 months. Time to get the snail mail ball rolling again.

I’m not currently looking for new penpals but I do want to get this blog up and running again so I’ll be sharing my mail adventures soon.


I haven’t done this in a while 😊✉️ #snailmail #mailart #babushka #maildoodles #penpals #mail

Reblogging my most recent mail art piece. Babushkas are always my favorite!

I noticed I’ve received a lot of new followers and a lot of penpal requests. 

I’m not looking for any new penpals at the moment though. I’ve been away this past year but I’ll be back soon…

In the mean time, check out my  Etsy! I have some cool envelopes and paper tags for sale. Every now and then I list a unique mail art piece plus surprises. 

I haven’t been so active in my penpal adventures this past year but I do want to start fresh. So I am clearing out a lot of my drawers and I need to get rid of stuff.

There’s a lot of notebooks, notepads, stickers, pencils, erasers, a coin purse, etc..
Everything is between $1 - $5 (USD) , does not include shipping costs.

Please send me a message or email me at if you are interested, along with your zip code or country so I can figure out shipping. I only accept paypal.

Feel free to make me offers too. I’ll most likely accept them. I just want it all gone. 

..or take everything for $25 shipped (US only). A total of 24 Items and I’ll throw in some random other stuff too. 

I have a lot of letters to respond to. I’ve been in a rut lately but here’s the list of people I owe letters to:

  • Nicole Lenz
  • Jen Medeiros
  • Harriet Colley
  • S.Norman Francis
  • Erin Hicks
  • Agape Vega
  • Rachel Natale
  • Ria
  • Melissa Gomez
  • Laura Santos
  • Mary England
  • Sarah Hartley 
  • Britty Bertrand

Sorry for taking forever! Let me know if I missed anyone. 

Also, for the time being, I can’t handle anymore new penpals.


The Art of the Post with @nasyakopteva

To see more of Nasya’s beautiful post creations, follow her on Instagram @nasyakopteva.

Nasya Kopteva (@nasyakopteva) made her first mail artwork at the age of five. “My grandmother let me paint old Soviet envelopes. In those opened envelopes, I saw small houses and added doors, windows, fences and whole rooms inside. When I remember those post cities, I feel happiness. What wonderful things an open-minded child can create!”

Nasya still makes mail art today but sends the letters to just one recipient, her friend Sasha. “We exchange painted post stories and try to surprise and delight each other.” Nasya and Sasha share some of their most beautiful creations on their blog ( and on Instagram. “I am a completely visual person. For me, Instagram is the most convenient way to freeze moments and share visual information–energy, feelings and beauty—with others who are in search of it.”

I’m back. 
New blog post -

I went to Salvation Mountain and even though I am not religious whatsoever, I fell in love with the place.

Here is the mailbox which sits in the bottom of the mountain.

I am going to list these on Etsy soon but I wanted to see if anyone on here would be interested in them before I listed them.

$1.50 for the first 3 (the ones with the vintage stamps)  + $2.50 shipping (US). 

$1.00 for the 2 (air mail ones) +$2.50 shipping (US)

Message me if interested. Keep in mind I only accept paypal.

There is nothing better than good mail days. Everything and Anything related to the Snail Mail and Mail Art.

Please visit my other snail mail blog:
A Peachy Life

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